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Learn how to create beautiful things with Nan

There are too many beautiful things around us, you just need to know how to use them in a certain way that it could show off. Nan has explored many ways to create beautiful art crafts from ordinary things you could find easily everywhere.

Now it's the time to show you how to do by yourself. We run a variety of workshops for craft making, as well as floral design. All the workshops are around flowers and plants. Spend half a day with us in the amazing studio and enjoy the beauty and great scents of plants and flowers.

Where is the studio

The studio is located in South Yarra, close to public transportation and restaurant. Our studio is decorated with a large variety of fresh and dried flowers.


Shell candle workshop

Pick up a shell, and decorate it with dried flowers and candles. Learn how to make candles with soy wax, create candles with dried flowers, mix colours and scents. 

Dried flower candle workshop

Pick some beautiful dried flowers from our studio and create a candle with them. These candles looks stunning. You will learn how to make candles, choose and mix colours. We also have a range of scents to choose from.  

Candle tablet workshop

Learn to make candle tablet with dried flowers. Candle tablet could be used as home decor or as air fresher. 

Plant herbarium bottle workshop

Learn how to preserve plants in a bottle. Preserved plants or flowers can last much longer. Try out by yourself and show off to your friends.

Handmade paper workshop

Learn how to make paper with waste papers. You will learn to make paper with flowers, and you will be able to make it by yourself at home. Handmade paper could be used to decorate your home, wrap your flowers or any other crafts you love.

Botanical jewellery workshop

Learn to make earrings, necklace and other jewellery with plants and flowers. Those jewellery are definitely beautiful and can show your passionate to plants.

How to attend the workshops?

Check our workshops here. However, feel free to send us message, email us via: nan@nanfloral.com or subscribe our news latter!